Board Statement

The Board holds the overall accountability for the Group’s ESG strategies and performance. The main responsibilities of the Board Executive Committee of the Company (“Executive Committee”) include determining ESG materiality issues, developing and reviewing ESG strategies, reviewing the performance of environmental key performance indicators, assessing and determining the relevant ESG risks and materiality issues of the Group, and ensuring that appropriate and effective ESG risk management and internal control systems are in place at the Group level.

Daily management of the Group has been delegated to the management team. On an operational level, a designated ESG Management Committee, comprising the Chief Executive Officer of the Group as the team leader, the Chief Financial Officer of the Group as the deputy team leader, and the heads of the Investor Relations Department, Human Resources and Administration Department and Company Secretary Department of the Group as the members. The Investor Relations Department coordinates the ESG work, the Human Resources and Administration Department communicates with and coordinates the data collection from subsidiaries, and the Company Secretary Department oversees ESG compliance. As the executive body of ESG governance, the ESG Management Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating the day-to-day execution of the Group’s ESG strategies, and reporting the progress of the associated targets and initiatives to the Board in writing on an annual basis.

The ESG execution team is the main body for the implementation of ESG governance of the Group. In particular, the investor relations department, the human resources and administration department, the business leaders and the ESG work liaison of the subsidiaries are involved in the ESG work.

Our Environment
In line with our commitment to environmental protection, the Group has systematised its environmental policy to manage its environmental footprint.

We focus on reducing emissions and improving energy efficiency, valuing the earth’s resources and building internal environmental awareness. We adopt corresponding policies, supplemented by relevant guidelines and principles, to fulfill our environmental responsibilities. Among which, Clarks has also established a restricted substances policy and a responsible sourcing policy (Animal derived materials) to reduce its impact on the environment.

During the Year, we adhere to comply with international and regional legal and regulatory requirement regarding environmental protection and there were no non-compliance cases relating to air and greenhouse gas emissions, discharges into water and land, and the generation of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.

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Our Human Capital

Our employees are an important asset of the Group. We are committed to providing an inclusive, safe, respectful and harmonious work environment to enable our employees’ career growth and achieve career contentment. The Group has established internal policies on remuneration, termination, recruitment, promotion, working hours, leaves, equal opportunities, diversity, anti-discrimination, other treatment and benefits, and complied with relevant laws and regulations.

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Our Community

There are relevant policies within the Group to support social welfare. For more than a decade, we have been leveraging our sports resources and mobilising our human capital to organise a variety of sports-related activities and community programmes for the neighbourhoods we serve, and we are committed to promoting active and healthy lifestyles across the country to enhance the health and well-being of citizens.

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