Our Human Capital
Our employees are driving force of the business and assets of the Group.

We attach great importance to the welfare and working conditions of our employees. The Group offers attractive remuneration and benefits to its employees, including extensive medical care, diversified product discounts, birthday leave and study leave and other benefits. Our subsidiaries also offer individual employee benefits such as regular bodychecks, afternoon tea for employees, birthday benefits and wedding gifts. To attract and retain every talent, we also regularly review our staff policies, benefits and facilities.

In response to the severe pandemic period, regional subsidiaries also offered our employees extra benefits. For instance, during the pandemic in Shanghai from April to May, the Company provided material security for Shanghai colleagues by purchasing vegetable packs to meet their immediate needs.

As a family-friendly employer, we actively implement family-friendly measures. A well-equipped lactation room is available in our Hong Kong headquarters for working mothers. In Beijing, we partnered with Koala Educare to set up a kindergarten in its office to facilitate employees to balance their work with family commitments.

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration 2022
National Sports Day
Making DIY environmental bags

We highly value our employees and work to ensure a workplace free from any prejudice or discrimination. All employees are protected by our Equal Opportunity Policy which sets out a fair selection recruitment and promotion based on professional knowledge, skills and qualifications regardless of gender, pregnancy, marriage status, race, religion, disability and family status. In addition, we also do not tolerate any unlawful conduct, including harassment, vilification and personal injury. During the Year, there were no breaches of relevant laws and regulations14 in relation to recruitment and employment.

We fully support our employees to maintain a good work-life balance and organise a variety of festivals and recreational activities. For example, National Sports Day, Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration 2022 (非龍匯獅慶中秋2022) and DIY reusable bags.

Our Community
We are committed to promoting active and healthy lifestyles across the country to enhance the health and well-being of citizens

It is our commitment to promoting a nationwide sportive culture and to continue to foster wider public participation in different sports and fitness activities. For example, we organised taekwondo and table tennis competitions in Linyi for public participants. In addition, we regularly communicate with sports-related institutions/departments, to plan various community activities and large-scale public welfare events. For example, we hosted a badminton competition of the 2022 National Fitness and Sports Festival of Municipal Authorities in Yangzhou, and organised the Third Li Ning Sports Park Spring Sunshine Walk(第三屆李寧體育園春日陽光健步走)“Heart with a Realm, Run without a Boundary”(心有境,跑無涯)in Ningbo, aiming to promote the concept of physical fitness and an active, healthy, civilised and environmentally friendly lifestyle through the promotion of walking. During the Year, a number of sports activities suitable for citizens of different ages were successfully organised.

National fitness is a solid foundation for national health. This year, we distributed sports experience coupons to the public to encourage them to develop habits to do sports. Among them, the Tongxiang Sports Park has distributed the sports experience coupons that worth RMB500,000 this year. Total 5,053 people used the sports experience coupons to exercise at the sports park, creating a strong atmosphere for national fitness and improving the national health. We took actions to support the strategy of healthy China and sports power.Besides, we regularly organise related activities through active communicating with relevant community leaders to raise public health awareness. For instance, we organise physical tests in the community to understand the health conditions of citizens in need and promote the Li Ning Sports Centre to enhance brand influence.

In line with the spirit of “Giving back to the Community”, our determination to serve the community has not diminished despite the fact that the pandemic is not yet over. In August 2022, we co-organised a volunteer programme with Fu Hong Society to make DIY environmental bags and exchange ideas with the trainees of its adult training centres through video conferences, with a view to raising participants’ awareness of environmental protection and promoting community exchange.

We are aware that not everyone can afford to buy necessary supplies to fight against the novel coronavirus. During the pandemic, we donated supplies to social welfare organisations for distribution to the needy. Online charity approach has also been adopted to make charitable donations to help the needy.

In addition to supplies donation, our staff in different districts also participated in volunteer services to help prevent and control the disease in the community. For instance, our staff in Hefei assisted the community in conducting pandemic investigations, including telephone surveys, door-to-door interviews and body temperature measurements, assisting the community to implement personnel control measures, collaborating in the information registration on arrival and departure of Hefei, home isolation observation and other prevention and control measures, as well as assisting in community disinfection, sterilisation and sanitation.

Tianjin Li Ning Sports Centre organised 4 public welfare events during the Year, gave away RMB20,000 worth of sports vouchers, conducted 400 public welfare and sports popularization training with schools and the education system, received 30,000 visits from the public, 110,000 visits to the centre and 500 free physical fitness tests for the public. The centre is free of charge from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, which is well-recognised by the general public.